The Essential Parts of a Chiropractic Website


A website is essential to market your practice online. More and more people are coming online to do research and find Chiropractors all around the world. Even older patients are finding it easier to use technology to choose who they will see as their doctors or other health professions.


Here are five essentials parts that make up an effective Chiropractic website that will engage the reader and convert them into patients.


The Welcoming Tagline

The tagline of your website should immediately convey a direct benefit to anyone arriving at your website. Your readers should feel as if they have arrived at the correct place where they can get solutions to their problems. A good example of an effective tagline is, “We help you get the fitness back into your spine, so you can enjoy the great things of life”. This tagline conveys a friendly message to the reader and at the same time give the promise of a reward.


Free Educational Content

One widespread misconception is that you should immediately display all the awards your practice has received. First and foremost, your readers care about how you can be of help. Your expertise will naturally show through well written articles about the effects of Chiropractic that are focused on the needs of your website visitors. This shows that you truly care about them and would like to be of help.


Visible Contact Details

The people on your website need to know how to reach you. This should not be left to a contact page that is hidden in the navigation of your site. If possible, you should have a section on every page that displays at least a telephone number so they can reach you.


Reviews From Previous Patients

Many of us let other people make decisions for us. Sometime we read reviews before taking a holiday. Your potential patients are doing the same. You can easily get your current patients to give you a testimonial. To make it more effective, you can record a video of them giving the testimonial. This will entrench the credibility of the entry. The testimonial can then be posted to your website to show to your website visitors.


Demonstrable Expertise


You might wonder why this comes last. As discussed in the second point, your readers should come first. You should tell them how you can be of help before showing them why you should be the one that renders the help. Your website should show your qualifications so your readers can be assured of your expertise.


That is the checklist of 5 parts that a Chiropractic website should possess to be able to generate more enquiries.



James Yomi: provides internet marketing for Chiropractors in the United Kingdom.