Basic Fundamentals of Chiropractic Marketing

Does the thought of chiropractic marketing place fear you? Do you cringe at spending thousands of dollars in hopes of getting the attention of some and hoping the results will be worth your time and money? You’re not alone but I would tell you that chiropractic marketing for your practice does not have to be time consuming or expensive. In fact, the marketing boogie man, conjured up by many chiropractors, is simply a myth caused by several things.

Maybe you’ve been burned by some of the chiropractic marketing you’ve used in the past. That can cause one to hesitate before attempting marketing again.

It’s possible you’ve taken the marketing advice of another chiropractor and it simply did not show the results it did for them. It happens and it leaves a bitter taste; causing you to push away from any more advice.

It’s true that there are so many chiropractic marketing products, tips, tools and strategies that can be found online; it’s overwhelming and can cause anxiety, confusion, and mistrust. Many begin to think they are all the same and who really has time to sift through to find out which one works best; which one if affordable, which one does what it says. After all, time is money…right? You went to school to be a chiropractor, not a marketing guru.

Running a chiropractic practice is a business and like every other business, it needs to be marketed to be seen. Like it or not; chiropractic marketing is in your future. But just like any other thing you learn, you begin with the fundamentals. Often times this is hard; because you just want to get it out there and be done with it. Unfortunately, that method will not bring in the steady stream of new patients you desire.

Keeping it easy, here are three basic fundamental tips to get you on the road to chiropractic marketing success:

Budget: Set a budget you can work with and build as you go. Maybe your practice is new and your budget is very limited. Only you know what you can afford. If limited funds are the issue; chiropractic marketing can be done without breaking the bank.

There are chiropractic marketing sites online that offer free marketing strategies. Even if all you can afford are business cards; take advantage of the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, they’re free and more people are using these venues to find services and products in their area.

Plan: Even if you don’t have knowledge of how to market your practice, one must begin at some point. Grab a calendar and start mapping out dates. Take advantage of holidays and event days that are notated on any calendar.

Example: Presidents Day; using internal chiropractic marketing you could offer a crisp new one dollar bill to patients who refer someone to your office. You would want to build this marketing up in the previous weeks. Take photos of the patients with their one dollar bill and post the photos in your office, with the patient’s permission of course. Plan an open house or a patient appreciation day.

Be consistent: Never stop marketing! Some of the most common things we do every day involve some type of marketing. Your email signature; is it updated with your current information? Phone number, website, services offered. Business cards; are they packed with information about your practice? Like where to find you online? Leave them where ever you go! Community; are you involved with the local chamber of commerce? Google maps; have you registered your business with all of the free online directories so you can be found when people want to find a chiropractor in their neighborhood or close to their workplace? Newspaper ads; okay…

Maybe running a chiropractic advertisement in the newspaper