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Product and service endorsements from are possible for products and services which benefit patients, consumers, and or chiropractic doctors. Endorsed products and services will have the right to use “Endorsed by” or similar statements on their products, in their promotional materials and during their various marketing efforts. This helps communicate to chiropractors, potential chiropractic students, current chiropractic students, chiropractic patients, and other consumers that your business, products and or services are likely a very good match.

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1) suppliers directory LISTING

A listing for your company in’s directory for chiropractic suppliers. Includes the ability to list your company’s name, address, phone number, website, email, social media links along with a description of your products and services. A reciprocal link from your company website is all that is required to maintain the listing after it has been added.

Fee: Free creation when combined with paid promotion.

2) Suppliers Directory Featured Listing

A featured listing in’s directory for chiropractic suppliers. Includes everything a standard listing does in addition to being in bold is and positioned above the non-featured listings on pages and search results. Featured listings also include a post about your company in the suppliers directory blog. 

Fee: $600 Annually

3) sponsored content

Sponsored content, also known as branded content, or native advertising can be submitted as an article, news or opinion piece about you, your company, school or your product or service. The cost is based on the word count and for no extra cost will include a featured image which should ideally be a 800x450 optimized JPEG.  More images which are relevant to the post can be added for $50 each. Be aware that any words in the images will add to the total word count.  The process… you create what you would like posted and send it to us for review and when approved you make the payment and then it will be published on For SEO and other reasons posts need to be at least 200 words, any less if approved will still be charged for 200 words. The post will remain active for a minimum of one year. As perk all sponsored posts will continue to remain active so long as you continue to sponsor new content, have an active featured listing, or an endorsement arrangement with For logical reasons we reserve the right to refuse any content for any reason. 

 Fee: 50¢ per word including any words in the images.



Your company, product, or service will have an endorsement from which may be used on your product and or product packaging in combination with a prominent endorsement landing page on the website, which you may link to, advertise and put into your promotional materials. 

Fee: $6000 Annually

2) Full Section

Your own section of with unlimited posting and page creation for your business, products and services.  This is a powerful tool for serious promoters of chiropractic and health related businesses, products and services. It’s meant for those who want control their own portion of for promoting to chiropractors, potential chiropractic students, and health conscious individuals.

Fee:  $60,000 Annually