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COrporate Sponsors

Companies desiring to show support for the Chiropractic Profession and wishing to grow their business and visibility within the chiropractic community may apply to be a Corporate Sponsor. As a corporate sponsor, many benefits will be available, such as placement in a product and service directory, company blog, and many more.

Participation Fee: $100,000 or more


Product and service endorsements from are  possible  for products and services which benefit patients, consumers, and or chiropractic doctors. Endorsed products and services will have the right to use the “Endorsed by” or similar in their promotional materials and other marketing efforts. This informs patients, consumers and chiropractors that the item or service is recommended by


Your company, product, or service can acquire a non-exclusive endorsement should they meet’s quality standards.

Participation Fee: $6000 Annually

2) ENDORSEment + Topic And Section

Endorsement which includes the opportunity to have your own section on We will provide a section, page, subdirectory or subdomain for your topic or for your product or service. If can be for nearly any topic which is part of already, or something which fits in well and is related directly or indirectly to chiropractic.

Participation Fee:  $60,000 Annually


The exclusive company endorsed by for the particular product or service. Exclusive endorsement is only an option when a product or service is at equivalent to or preferably better than its competing products and services.

Participation Fee: Negotiated

Affiliation Partnership


Products or services that are of benefit to chiropractors and their patients may qualify for an Affiliation Partnership with Affiliate Partners may offer discounts to chiropractors, patients, chiropractic students and others in association with This is not an endorsement arrangement unless otherwise agreed.

Participation Fee: Varies depending on value offered


Want to cooperate with in some mutually beneficial way to receive promotion for your chiropractic related products or services?  Contact us and let us know what type of cross promotional arrangement you have in mind.

Participation Fee: Varies depending on value of exchange

Note: All of the fees above are not fixed and therefore may be higher or lower depending on what is negotiated.

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