Spinal Manipulations With Chiropractic Have Benefits For Pregnant Women And Helps Children.

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that chiropractic adjustments are extremely beneficial to women during their pregnancy and beneficial for babies and children. It is quite common for faster and more comfortable deliveries among the women who receive spinal manipulations throughout their pregnancy. Pregnant women are much more predisposed to back pain than non-pregnant women, primarily due to the extra weight and spinal pressure placed by the growing fetus.

For each stage of the pregnancy, the table and adjusting techniques are modified to suit the patient. The stabilization and reduction of the vertebral subluxation complex can be related to the many uncomfortable symptoms which are associated with labor and pregnancy. An important element in creating the healthiest foundation possible for developing babies lies within receiving prenatal chiropractic checkups.

When the mother-to-be receives chiropractic care during pregnancy, the child benefits from it before he or she is born.

A few benefits from chiropractic care during pregnancy are:

1. Pelvic bones are aligned properly which allows for an easier and quicker delivery
2. Normal nerve energy has no interference which is very important for a healthy development of the baby and mother
3. Pressure is relieved and the vertebrae is correctly aligned
4. Joints are restored to their natural mobility and position

Many problems that occur during pregnancy are related to the health of the woman’s spine. Many problems that arise with newborns, such as colic, breathing problems, allergic reactions, and unexplained crying are traced back to a dysfunction in the nervous system.

Head support, crawling, and a baby’s first steps are activities that involve using neck muscles. A chiropractic checkup is a wise idea because if it’s neglected for long, the little falls and head bumps can cause spinal issues later on. Instead of dealing with the normal pains, headaches and nausea during pregnancy it is best to build a patient/doctor relationship with a chiropractor that is best for the needs of the mother-to-be.

Some of the most common disorders in childhood can sometimes indicate problems with the spine. Simple things like sore throats, bedwetting, growing pains, and constant earaches are just a few reasons that children may benefit by seeing a chiropractor. A few signs to look out for in children that may have spinal problems are:

  • Disturbances in sleeping pattern
  • Difficulties with feeding infants

As with pregnant women, the tables and manipulations are adjusted to fit the child’s size and weight. Chiropractors are highly experienced in adjusting patients of all different shapes and sizes.


David Greene, MD linkedin.com/in/drdavidgreene