Chiropractic is the profession concerned with the spine and how altered structure necessarily affects the delicate nervous system that travels through it.
Every scientist, architect, and engineer understands that structure always affects function. You cannot remove a weight-bearing beam from a building without negatively affecting its strength and function. The same is true regarding our spines. Our spinal column is designed perfectly to allow for optimum function. It protects the vital nervous system and is curved perfectly to allow the nervous system to travel through the spinal column unimpeded.

Change the structure and you have now altered the course the spinal cord must travel and worse, placed major stress upon it as well.

Chiropractic is based upon simple scientific principles that have dramatic consequences when violated. When misalignment of the vertebral column occurs and causes nervous system stress or dysfunction, the result is suboptimal function which results in suboptimal health and well-being. Chiropractic rediscovered this age-old principle over 100 years ago and has been helping restore health in the sick and help the healthy stay well all those years.