The chiropractic spinal adjustment is the predominant technique used by chiropractors. To find subluxations in specific areas of dysfunction, chiropractors use touch or palpation, active motion consisting of stretching and bending, and passive movement.

Using a Physical Maneuver, the chiropractor will stretch a specific joint gently, right beyond the normal range of motion.

The Chiropractic Physical Maneuver

Sometimes, this adjustment will create an audible and painless click. The sound is a result of gas moving rapidly into the space between the joints that were moved from the chiropractic adjustment. Regardless of whether or not a sound is heard, the adjustment has taken place. Patients usually feel immediate pain relief and an increased range of motion. Any soreness from the adjustment should end instantly.

The Chiropractic Nonforce Technique

Another technique used by some chiropractors is the Nonforce Technique, which uses gentle touches along the spine, skull, and pelvis. No physical maneuver is used and no audible clicks are heard, though the adjustment has taken place.

The Activator

An Activator ™ is a small, hand-held instrument used to make an adjustment. It has a rubber tip which comes into contact with subluxations. A precise amount of force is applied to the subluxation by the instrument when the chiropractor fires the Activator. This method is quick and virtually painless.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology uses techniques to balance and stabilize opposing muscles attached to the subluxations. This technique does not adjust misalignments, but rehabilitates the muscles attached to the misalignments, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the adjustments.

Network Chiropractic

Network Chiropractic is a newer technique combining several techniques with the sequence of adjustments. Clinical findings determine the specific amount and type of force in the adjustments.

Chiropractic Techniques – Mixers or Straight Chiropractors

There are two types of chiropractic doctors, mixers and straight chiropractors. Mixers use various techniques and therapies in addition to adjustments, such as heat, cold, massage, nutrition, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. They usually counsel patients on lifestyle changes to promote wellness and prevent illness and disease. Straight chiropractors primarily work with optimizing the nervous system to normal function, so the conditions, problems, or illnesses will repair themselves with a healthy working nervous system.

Though there are many techniques used in chiropractic, and they all work to achieve the same result. A healthy functioning nervous system allows the body to repair itself and gives patients back the gift of vibrancy.