Chiropractic Stories

Chiropractic Stories

I’ve been going to a Chiropractor ever since I was a little girl. If it wasn’t for a Chiropractor my mother would be in bad shape. I think my Chiropractic Doctor is wonderful, he enjoys helping people. I was recently in a car accident in which I hurt my neck, back and left hip. After one visit my hip was not hurting. Now we are working on the neck and back. Chiropractors are great, especially if you have back or neck problems. I am very thankful for my Chiropractor and his associates.


Tonya Collier, Birmingham, Alabama


I started chiropractic two years ago. I had daily hip and back pain. After only two or three adjustments the hip pain was forgotten about. X-rays showed how off my hips were, crooked my spine was and that my neck curve was almost straight. My last x-ray showed straight hips and the back almost correct. My head still tips to the left but we’re working on that. My neck curve is almost where it should be. Without the help of my chiropractor I don’t know where I’d be right now. Probably popping pills that would hide the pain but not fix it.


Charlotte Kiskaden, Wilmington, North Carolina



Hello, I am an RN with 20 years experience in various fields of nursing practice. My training and general observations of physicians’ attitudes towards the field of Chiropractic as a whole has been full of “Warnings and Avoidance”. The mere mention of the suggestion that a patient might benefit from “the other kind of doctor” was taboo. The implied attitude was that “these doctors practice voodoo-like treatments”. I must say boldly, after being a full time participant in traditional medicine for twenty years, the “voodoo curse” has struck traditional medicine. It is controlled by “toxic and poisonous” outrageously priced drugs and drug companies and ridiculous regulations that care for the “whole stack of papers” instead of the “whole patient”. Many times I wondered if anyone would even miss the patient if he disappeared completely from his hospital bed. The inspector type people could give an excellent rating to the “whole Paper” but the “whole patient” was lying in his bed ill, without comfort, without understanding of what might have been done to him, and most of all without well being. He did receive the highest level of a bill for the lowest level of caring that this nation has ever bestowed upon those pleading for quality medical care! He and his insurance paid so much more for so much less! AS I returned home every day from a painful 12 hour shift, the pain was in the pit of my stomach and in my heart and soul, I ask myself where is the place where the sick are comforted? It has surely been ripped from our medical system and has been replaced with devastation. I used to joke saying “tie me to a railroad track when I’m sick instead of the hospital bed I’ll be safer,” knowing all too well the risks of staffing deficiencies and sending people out of ICU or even the hospital all too soon, and too sick. I could go on and on with personally observed horror stories, but anyone who has been a patient recently has their own to tell. I’ve recently turned my back on all those warnings and have begun treatment with a “Real Doctor”, a Doctor of Chiropractic. There I am a real patient, a real “whole person” again. IN a few weeks of treatment I have found a well being that 10 years of traditional physician specialist and psychologist treatments have not even touched upon. Now I know the answer to the question I carried home every day in the pit of my stomach after an empty days work. Where is the place where the sick are comforted? Comfort can be found through the skilled healing hands and heart of the Doctor of Chiropractic. Their methods are not “toxic” or harmful but healthy and wholesome. They understand the wonderfully created whole person and work with the person not against it. There you get so much more for so much less! The patient is not torn down further, but built back from the inside out. The result is well being and wholeness. I’m so glad to have found that there is still a place where the sick can find comfort.


Patty Mitchell, Bruceton Mills, West Virginia

I am a chiropractic student, and I love reading the testimonials submitted by satisfied patients. Its amazing the power of hands on, drug free treatments used in molding the body into its optimal function. The beauty and the art of adjusting is itself gratifying, but patient success stories reinforce our profession even more. We are educated as primary care physicians, and we operate within the scope of our practice. Referrals are necessary and routine in chiropractic health care. We are trained to know the entire human body and treat it as one sole entity, not just the problem presented. Keep up the testimonials! It educates those that are still skeptical, and keeps the passion of chiropractic care going.


Heather, Minnesota


Over the past 15 or 16 years I have had a number of complaints – migraines, cervical neck strain/sprain/pain, upper extremities strain/sprain/pain, mid-to-low back strain/sprain/pain, knee strain/pain, sciatica, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, stress, insomnia, tendonitis (bilateral wrists), tinnitus, and others. I have been in a few auto accidents and off work due to work injuries in the past and have turned to “conventional” medical doctors to help relieve my symptoms. In every case I was given anti-inflammatories, pain medications, sleep medications, asthma inhalers, to name a few. A pill-taker I am NOT, as can be verified by many of my previous/current physicians. I have probably caused a few of them to start taking medications just to deal with me on appointment day! I will admit that I have taken every medication prescribed and continue to take those I feel I absolutely have to from time to time for muscle pain and discomfort or even headaches, but let me make this clear – medications, I believe, do a lot more harm than good to our bodies in the long run. I was even told that taking one particularly common medication long term requires an every 6-month BUN/CREATININ test of your kidneys to ensure you are not being poisoned. At 51 years old I was diagnosed with asthma. I have never smoked so it was a mystery to me how I could all of a sudden have asthma and have to take 1 then 2 then 3 inhalers a day! My father and 4 brothers and 1 sister all smoked so I guess I am a victim. I had to go through overnight sleep evaluation with wires attached to my face, throat and a band around my chest (oh yeah, I could really get a good night’s sleep you think?) The next day, not knowing I was allergic to the tape I was given to hold the wires in place, I awoke with very large red bruising on my face and neck (just try to explain that they’re not hickies!) I had to breathe into machines and blow into machines to have my lung capacity measured and then I was told I had asthma, all after one other doctor said it after just listening to me breathe. This was the turning point for me regarding medications, their effect on my body and well-being and how I was feeling. I was spending so much time trying to carry on with my daily life (a very hectic one I can assure you raising grandchildren) and trying to remember my daily “essential” medications (blood pressure, potassium to replace what the blood pressure medication depletes, and hormones (yes I’ve reached that age)) and whether I had taken all of the other medications too from the time I got up until just before going to bed everyday! I was involved in another auto accident and I believe this was my wake up call as far as my health. The first doctor I thought about seeing was a chiropractor when I couldn’t get up from a laying position (had to roll over onto my side and try to push myself up). From previous experience with chiropractors, I knew I would be back to “normal” (or as normal as I could be with all of my problems) in a minimum amount of time. I started to remember how my head hurt after a very serious previous accident years ago and how the chiropractor was the only one who stopped the pain without medication after 6 months of physical therapy and continuous anti-inflammatories from the orthopedic doctor. When I couldn’t turn my head or move without pain in my body, I knew it was time to see a chiropractor if I wanted to feel better anytime soon. It’s been a little over a month of treating 2-3 times a week and I have not been short of breath (also thought by medical doctor to be anxiety) so have not used the inhalers; headaches have minimized; neck and back pain is minimal to slight as opposed to unbearable; hips are feeling better and knees are feeling pretty good (no real need for massive doses of anti-inflammatories). All in all I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time. This is not to say that the muscle discomforts won’t persist from time to time, but for now, I’m feeling better. Now instead of spending the whole day worrying about whether I took my medications I can do something productive and live again. If I help one person seek chiropractic care as an alternative to medical care for certain health problems, then I am happy and I’m sure after your chiropractic visits, you will be feeling a lot happier too! I plan to keep my appointments with my medical doctors and let them wonder how these wondrous changes have taken place and if asked, I will proudly tell them I went to the chiropractor (something I know for a fact they’re not always happy to hear – but why is that you should be asking yourself). If your health is truly their concern, shouldn’t they be glad that you’re healthy? To all chiropractors – keep up the good work!


Diana Chambers, San Diego, California


I have found chiropractic to help in all of my health needs and if not they will refer me to other professionals. I feel that chiropractic should be the first consulted for a problem other than severe trauma- i.e. broken bones, cut arteries etc.


Merv Speckman, Litchfield, Minnesota.


I was in a car accident and wasn’t wearing my seat belt. My face hit the rearview mirror and my knees took out the dash. After three months of wearing a full neck brace, going to a TMJ specialist and physical therapist I went to see a chiropractor. He examined and treated me and I threw the neck brace in the trash. I have been symptom free for years and need only an occasional adjustment to correct the everyday stresses I put on my body. I was thankful for my newly found health… so thankful that I became a chiropractor.


Samantha M., Mount Laurel, New Jersey


I have been going to a chiropractor for 14 years. My main reason for going was I had 2 herniated disks from a workers compensation injury in 1984. No medical doctor helped me what so ever. They only gave me pain pills and muscle relaxers. I found my chiropractor who took me off of work for 6 months and continued to see me 3 times a day for the first 3 weeks. Then we went to 1 time a day for 2 months. After six months I was pretty well back to my way to recovery. He saved me from back surgery, which was what the medical doctors wanted to do. I stuck with the chiropractic adjustments and followed all of his exercise programs and nutritional supplements. 14 years later my back is in good shape, I have no arthritis, and continue to see my chiropractor. 3 years ago I began to work for my chiropractor. I learned chiropractors are not only good for helping you with back problems. They help your whole body!! My chiropractor has helped me with carpal tunnel, sinus trouble, ear infections, and bronchitis. I would recommend chiropractic care any day! The wonderful thing is everything is natural. No medications! I still see my medical doctor occasionally and she always comments what good health I’m in. When she asks me how I stay in such good health, I tell go see my chiropractor, he’s great!!


Cheryl, Wisconsin


I had always been very skeptical about chiropractors. My husband injured his back over a year ago and was living with alot of pain. I had begun to have lower back pain, hip pain and pain between my shoulder blades. We became friends with two chiropractors who were so healthy and their children never took antibiotics! Finally, my husband went to him , and when I came home from work that day, my husband amazed me with how well he could get out of bed. It took more pain for me to finally be convinced to go, (after I consulted my family doctor, and he said my hips were okay). I couldn’t believe my xrays, but after 4 visits I was totally pain free!( I bought my new bed mattress for nothing!) I am convinced that I am now much healthier and will be with regular treatments. We have started taking our teenager because she suffers from neck pain and headaches. We are already seeing a difference in just 2 visits. My coworker started going and did so well she has finally convinced her husband who lives with daily pain. What a relief to not feel the constant aches that I thought was just me getting older. As skeptical as I am, I really do believe in this type of care.


Terri, Pennsylvania


I have suffered from Migraines since the age of 14. So for the last 20 years I have had no luck in anything any doctor has done for me. I was given prescriptions after prescriptions, my body is now immune to almost all pain pills. One of the medicines did help me, however, after taking these pills, my stomach would hurt so bad I would be doubled over. What a choice, the headaches or the pain of the stomach. I choose the stomach pain. I took everything I could, didn’t care, if it worked I took it, if it didn’t I still tried it. When I realized I was up to 8 pills a day, I decided to go to the chiropractor. The first one I went to, well, he was ok, but it didn’t stop the pain. I found one this year, and am so grateful that I did. I am off of all the pills, and my normal week that use to include a minimum of 4 migraines, is gone. I may have 1 bad migraine for the month!!! I am so impressed that I am working on a flyer for my doctor to let other people know that Chiropractors are not just for fixing a strain. I have come to notice that no one really knows exactly what the chiropractor can do, and I am one who is so happy with the work that I am going to help others know about relieving Migraines, carpel-tunnel, TMJ etc… Please keep up the good work!!!!!


Gerry Jaworski, Toledo, Ohio


I write computer software for a living. Gradually, my wrists began to hurt…eventually I wasn’t sure about being able to stay employed. I saw a MD who specializes in RSI, but my wrist kept hurting. In desperation, I stopped by a Chiropractor a few blocks from my house. He adjusted me. A few days later my wrists regained full function. I still see him every month or so, otherwise the pain returns.


Tony Duarte, Santa Cruz, California


My daughter has had her spine checked regularly since she was born. She just turned three last week, and has never been to the pediatrician, never had an ear infection and never had medicine of any kind. Her body is working wonderfully (yes, she gets viruses, fevers and all that, but her immune system takes care of it without drugs). I’m glad I know about chiropractic now.


Vince Madison, Georgia


People need to realize that chiropractic care is about living a healthy life. It is equal to eating a balanced diet and getting exercise except without the amount of willpower it takes to say no to that chocolate cake or summoning up just one more stomach crunch. It is unfortunate that chiropractors themselves don’t boost the healthy aspects of chiropractic care and divert away from being the headache or back pain doctors that they have allowed society to peg them. If all people started with chiropractic care as infants then the occurrence of all other maladies would decline significantly. Chiropractic care has a lifetime benefit and people who only seek chiropractic care during the symptom period do not receive the full benefit. When someone does seek chiropractic care and they go to the yellow pages to find one, the last thing they need to see are huge ads proclaiming that chiropractors are headache or neck pain specialists. To those chiropractors who want to spend that kind of money, why don’t you put it into patient education to help teach your patients the value of a lifetime of chiropractic care on a maintenance regimen. Do you only go to the dentist when you have a toothache? Could you expect to deny all oral hygiene during your life and then when you are 30 or 40 expect the dentist to tell you that you have wonderfully healthy teeth? I think not. It would take the dentist time to get your teeth to as healthy as state as they could be, and then he would recommend that you come back for maintenance care. This is the approach that chiropractors should take as a whole. Chiropractic care is the best gift that I have given to my family. Although I have never suffered from headaches, back aches or any other form of ache, I go to a chiropractor for maintenance checkups as do my children. As for the cost factor, going to the chiropractor 4 or 5 times a year is a lot less expensive than going to my medical doctor for illnesses that could occur if our bodies were not performing at their optimum. We are a happy, healthy family who only sees the medical doctor for annual physicals. I thank you for your time…and I hope I have planted a seed that will sprout into a beautiful future for all who want to be healthy.


Camille, Washington


I was always told that chiropractors would not do any good. Just take your money. I want you to know that I didn’t listen to those people and it has been the best thing I did for myself. I have been having problems with my neck ever since I had a car accident at least ten years ago. I have always had pain where I couldn’t turn my head or hardly sit up until I went to a chiropractor. I am on a treatment program that I have been on for about four months now. It has been great. I know I am going to have to have at least a year of treatments but I know it is the best thing for me. I have been through other treatments that take around a month of treatments and ended up the same way. I am so happy that I have a chance to live a normal life now. It has been a big awakening for me. I wish other people knew about this. I haven’t stopped talking about it now that I know what it can do for me. My chiropractor is a great doctor and I owe him a thanks that I don’t think would be good enough. Thank you Chiropractors, what you can do for me and others…..


Carol Blanc, Huntsville, Texas


I am currently under care with a chiropractor and he is great. I have rotated my hips from holding my children on one side and about 6 weeks ago, it rotated very far to the point of great pain. My spine was in an “s” curve. I couldn’t believe the x-rays. After 6 weeks of adjustments, I am finally starting to walk around all day and not be bothered by the pain. I am still under care and will be for a while, but the difference is fantastic compared to how I was. I am sure no one could totally depend on this care for every illness, but, it sure is the right thing to do when it comes to keeping your spine and nervous system in check. I will always go now for the rest of my life to fend off illness. It’s another safe and natural tool to feeling better.


April Rumbaugh, Tampa, Florida


After an accident, I saw four different neurologists. They said the pain in my neck was fake, or that I should see a chiropractor. So I went to see a chiropractor and explained to him that I was in an accident and that my neck hurt. I told him that I had seen the four neurologists and that I feel that my neck is injured but I don’t think I need to be adjusted. He examined me, and in minutes discovered what the four neurologists didn’t. I had three herniated discs. Within three months I had surgery to correct the problem. Although the surgery didn’t improve my condition, if it wasn’t for my chiropractor, I think I would be paralyzed today. So here’s a thanks to those who listen when no one else does. My advice is to see a chiropractor when no one else knows what is wrong.


Dennis Nielsen, San Jose, California


Hi, I decided to go to a chiropractor because I was having terrible problems with my sinuses. Every month I was having to take antibiotics for sinusitis, I would have headaches and loose time from work. My sister, who lives in California where everything is paid for by insurance, had gone for the same reason. Chiropractic had helped her with this problem and her chronic fatigue syndrome (which had been diagnosed by a clinic associated with Yale), she was able to stop taking all her medications. Well I tried it and it worked. No more antibiotics no headaches, my asthma improved, the world seemed allot better thanks to specific chiropractic.


Marie L. Boston, Massachusetts


For well over 5 years, I had lived with painful headaches, missing work, weekends, but more importantly life itself. Every hour of every day was lived with a continuous headache. Sometimes my headaches were so severe that lights, noises and the simplest movements would cause unbelievable pain. Over the years, I had seen dozens of physicians who could not find any problem. I had also been prescribed numerous medications and I still ended up with the headaches while spending hundreds of dollars each month. I finally had reached a stage in my life that I had everything to gain and nothing to lose by going to a chiropractor. I wanted to be able to go out and enjoy life with my husband again. Thanks to my chiropractor my headaches are gone. Only occasionally do I get a headache and that is fixed with an adjustment. I have my life back and I am enjoying every minute of it!


Sharon Kachele, Marietta, Georgia


I began seeing a chiropractor after my husband went as a result of a back injury. We also took our 6 month old son. It was one of the best choices we’ve made as parents. Now two and a half years old he’s never had an ear infection and rarely gets sick. The benefits of chiropractic are endless!


Jennifer, Flat Rock, Michigan


I had been having lower back pain for years. After seeing many “specialists” I still had the pain. A friend said he saw a chiropractor that helped him with his upper back pain. I called the doctors office and made an appointment. After the first adjustment I noticed a great reduction in the pain. That was 10 years ago, I still get adjusted to keep my spine free of subluxations. Not only did my back pain go away, I also feel very healthy. Thank You Chiropractic!


Shane, Atlanta, Georgia


I credit chiropractic for helping to keep my M.S. in check. I was diagnosed (with MS ) in 1986. I began regular chiropractic treatments in 1992. I have been asymtomatic since!!


Jarod Jacobs, Boca Raton, Florida


I’ve recently been to a chiropractor for back pain associated with muscle spasm. The chiropractor was very knowledgeable and informative about my experience. Although, this was my first visit to a chiropractor. I’ve found the experience to be painless and beneficial. My back was healing well and my chiropractor exceeded my expectations by offering to help me until full recovery, by taking the time and offering affordable service. I’ve never had a doctor exceed my expectations which I am grateful for.


Patti, Tempe, Arizona


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