Facebook Marketing for Chiropractors

Here are some tips for doing no cost Facebook marketing for chiropractors. Because your chiropractic marketing efforts on Facebook whether you’re paying or not will be greatly enhanced if people can quickly tell that you’re a chiropractor. So I’ve outlined numerous things which will allow you to receive significant passive marketing benefits for your chiropractic practice, with relative ease, and without you needing to spend anything other than a little bit of your time.

Making it clear on your Facebook profile that you’re a chiropractor can provide great promotional value. Plus it also helps the whole chiropractic profession’s with its overall visibility. The first directly benefits you and the second benefits the whole chiropractic profession, which benefits you too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make it really clear to all your connections, their connections and everyone else who finds you or see your Facebook posts — that you’re a chiropractor and maybe they should consider becoming one of your patients?

Facebook Name for Chiropractors

When you create your Facebook account they don’t make it easy to add your professional credentials and it’s not exceptionally intuitive to add them later… but wait a minute, maybe we would like to get some credit for all that time and money we spent on chiropractic school.

Of all the content on your Facebook profile, your name is one of the things which is nearly always seen so it’s one of the most important tools for identifying yourself as a  chiropractor. In my opinion the ideal, if you can pull it off, is to add DC to your Facebook name and here’s how to do it using a web browser.  Be aware that adding commas and periods is not allowed, so just put a space and DC without any other punctuation.

1) Be logged into your Facebook account

2) Click on the little down-facing arrow in the top right corner

3) Scroll down and select “Settings”

4) “General” on the left should already be selected, if not then select it

5) Next to “Name” on the right click on “Edit”

6) So long as your account is at least 60 days old try and add a space and DC to your “Last” name

7) Click “Review Change”

8) Enter your Facebook password and click “Save Changes”

If you are lucky and when doing the above you can add DC on the first try, then just enter your Facebook password and click “Save Changes”. Do not go back and try other options or you may lose the ability to add the space DC and may need to use a less desirable name hack. Because if you get it and then remove the DC once you have it, you might not be able to get it back to being accepted as purely space DC again.

Other options if Space DC Doesn’t Work

What to do if you get the dreaded “We require everyone to use their authentic name on Facebook. Learn more about our name policies” OR “It looks like you’re trying to include a title or symbol in your name. Please keep in mind that we require everyone to use their authentic name on Facebook.”? You can try “-DC” but that might giv