I am Dr. Foster Malmed, a chiropractor for 36 years, and 5 of those years were as a DC in a New York hospital.

It was there that I learned about a new biotechnology that Chiropractor.com and I are now introducing to every one of our fellow chiropractors. I have been using this breakthrough for humanity with my own patients, many hospital patients, and with thousands globally, since 2010.

Chiropractor.com and I decided it’s now time to share this life-enhancing science that you, our colleagues, deserve to know about.  It is a health and anti-aging breakthrough that is 10 to 15 years ahead of its time.

 A cutting-edge technology, that represents a new category of science, that for two decades scientists had declared was impossible!  A technology that so many experts are now calling, 

“The single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetime.” Hundreds of PhD scientists, best selling authors, and medical professionals, are all stating that, “this technology has the potential to spearhead the greatest advances in health we have ever seen.” 

 I have personally witnessed so many lives improved, in formerly impossible ways as the Chiropractic member of this company’s Medical Professionals Board. This technology is the perfect cellular complement to Chiropractic, because exactly like Chiropractic, it harnesses the power of the body to keep it well.  This technology may truly be as significant as the discovery of DNA, and represents a breakthrough for humanity.

To fully grasp this cellular breakthrough it’s important to remember that your body is the most complex communication system on earth. Every second of every day, your cells pass tremendous amounts of information throughout your body.  Any breakdown in this cellular communication and signaling and you cannot achieve your full health and healing potential. For example, imagine for a moment, your home is on fire and you call the fire department.

They have the fire trucks, firefighters, fire hoses, they have all the resources and skills necessary to put out the fire. However, because of poor cellular signaling, the