(Please Remember Doctor, The World Was Once Skeptical

When I told my family I had decided to become a Chiropractor instead of a Dentist in 1979, I might as well have told some of them that I had chosen to be a professional scam artist.  The amount of skepticism surrounding Chiropractic was still sky-high in the 70’s. But my choice was based on my own results that I achieved from our local Chiropractor for my gymnastics injuries that no one else could help (shout out to Dr. Richard Alexander of Hazlet, New Jersey).  I ignored the skepticism surrounding “back-crackers”. I only cared about the scientific validation along with my results, and the results of the patients of the hundreds of thousands of Chiropractors that had gone before me. Although through much of my 36 years as a Chiropractor, especially during my 5-year tenure in a New York hospital, so many have been skeptical of Chiropractic and me, it was still one of the greatest choices of my life.  

In my 27th year of practice, while working in that hospital, I was introduced to an alleged “paradigm-shifting biotechnology”.  I was ignorant and I laughed at it. I scoffed at the notion that this new drink could possibly be as powerful and life-enhancing as thousands of people were touting it to be.  I was more skeptical than you, I assure you.   But when my wife’s immune system and inflammation were drastically better in a few days, and my brain, gut, and seasonal issues were improved after about a week, I knew I had to research this product, if only to prove that my wife and I were NOT better because of it.  Boy was my skepticism wrong! So I risked everything: my hospital and professional reputation, my career and my livelihood to bring this new technology into my hospital. After many years of using this Redox technology and as the lone Chiropractor on this company’s Medical Professionals Board (and now a contributing author for CHIROPRACTOR.COM), I get the honor of teaching this new science to you, our colleagues, the Chiropractors of the world.

After 10 years in existence, this “BREAKTHROUGH FOR HUMANITY” is proven to be real, safe, it works 100% of