Chiropractic Marketing Tip – The Easiest Way to Increase Your Patient-Base is by Reactivating Patients

The easiest possible chiropractic marketing method to increase your chiropractic patient-base is reactivating patients. Ironically though it’s quite obvious, few chiropractors do it. You can instantly increase your number of active chiropractic patients simply by reactivating your inactive patients.

According to Jay Abraham, often referred to as America’s Highest Paid Marketing Consultant, “Most people stop buying from you [getting chiropractic care] for one of three reasons:

1. Something totally unrelated to you happened in their life that caused them to temporarily stop dealing with you. They intended to come back, but they’ve just never gotten around to taking action and doing business with you again.

2. They had a problem or unsatisfying last purchase experience [office visit] with you that they probably didn’t even tell you about. So they’re turned off to you or your company [office].

3. Their situation has changed to the point where they no longer can benefit from whatever product or service you sell.”

Obviously, number three does not apply to chiropractors since everyone can benefit from care on an on-going basis. So, we’re left with two of the three reasons for why patients stop getting care with you.

Once again, according to Abraham,

Over one-half of the client attrition I see is the result of loyal, satisfied clients who only intended to temporarily stop doing business [getting care] but never quite got around to starting back up again.

Between those patients and the others who possibly had a single poor experience in your office – for whatever reason – and you should quickly see that about 80% of your lost patients didn’t leave for an irreparable reason. And, with the right contact chiropractic marketing approach, you could easily win a significant percentage them back into your chiropractic office, adding a nice boost to your weekly PV.

Start with a chiropractic marketing campaign that contacts inactive patients and honestly, humbly and sincerely expressing your heartfelt concern for their well-being. Your entire point of focus in this contact (and the entire chiropractic marketing campaign) should be on them and their well-being. Not on you and your office.

After expressing your sincere concern, ask them,

Is anything wrong? Have we done anything in the office to offend or upset you?

Continue by letting them know that the entire office staff would welcome them back with open arms… and in fact… would be willing to extend a complimentary office visit if that’s what it would take to show them how important their well-being is to you.

This can be done over the telephone, via direct mail, or – as I recommend – via email.

The beauty with chiropractic marketing like this with email is that a multi-touch reactivation campaign can be fully automated. Anytime a patient goes inactive, your office staff can take 2 seconds to trigger the multi-step reactivation campaign, and a series of reactivation emails will get sent to the lost patient over a series of weeks.

Done, as I’ve shared, you can easily and often consistently see over 50-60% of your lost patients come back for care just by reactivating your patients. This type of chiropractic marketing campaign is so simple and effective. Just remember to repeat it regularly.

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