Lower Back Pain

Many women who experience lower back pain while they are pregnant or just after pregnancy wonder if chiropractic treatment can help them. More importantly, they have concerns as to the safety of chiropractic care during and immediately after pregnancy. This article will give you information and an introduction about chiropractic care and pregnancy.


Almost any woman can attest that pregnancy changes the body a lot. As the child develops in the womb her body must adapt and change. The abdomen enlarges and the lower back carries more weight and stress and the pelvic bones and joints loosen and widen to prepare for the birth.


 “Pinched Nerves”

Many pregnancies, while not completely comfortable, proceed with no significant problems. However, sometimes as the soon-to-be mother’s abdomen increases in size the back starts to sway more, the posture changes, and stress can occur on the joints of the spine and pelvis. This can cause the joints to misalign or move improperly causing joint and/or nerve irritation. Many times women who present this complaint to their obstetrician are told they have “pinched nerves.” Regardless of the term used to describe the pain, chiropractic treatment for lower back pain has been shown to be effective in handling the discomfort.

A chiropractor is well-educated in studying the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant female. They are trained while in chiropractic school and take additional on-going continuing education to address the lower back pain of pregnancy.


Sciatica & Leg Pain

When the patient initially visits a chiropractor she or he will first discuss the important factors of the condition with the pregnant woman or new mother. Next she or he will check for any tender areas of the lower back and gently feel for muscle spasms and swelling. Evaluating posture can also reveal a lot of information. If the woman is experiencing sciatica and leg pain, checking the status of the sciatic nerve will include testing muscular strength, reflexes and if sensation to touch is normal or shows abnormal numbness or extreme sensitivity. Of course a pregnant woman would not be x-rayed but x-rays for a woman who has already delivered her baby can be very helpful in providing important information.


Decrease in Pain During Delivery

Once the woman has been evaluated many, if not most women, can receive gentle, safe chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignments or improperly moving joints of the spine and pelvis to help take pressure away from the area. Because the chiropractor’s methods are gentle, the safety of the developing fetus is addressed and many women find their pain, even during the delivery of the baby, to be reduced due to their chiropractic treatments. Many times chiropractors provide advice about exercises and lifestyle the woman can utilize in her everyday handling of the pregnancy or post-pregnancy.

Of course should the chiropractor find that treatment is not suitable for a particular patient he will let that patient know and suggest a suitable alternative.


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