Chiropractic Helps Ease Painful Menstrual Cycles

Chiropractic Helps Ease Painful Menstrual Cycles


During menstruation, women suffer from painful menstrual cycles and also have uterine pain while and after menstruation. These cramps are also called dysmenorrhea. This word is derived from the Greek words “dys”, “meno” and “rrhea”. Menstruation is marked by a sharp pain along with nausea, headache, digestive problems and lower back pain.


Side Effects of Prescription Medications for Dysmenorrhea

At times, women are prescribed birth control formulations which are made especially for those who have very painful menstrual cycles. Although there has been no concrete proof of link between breast cancer and oral contraceptives but it does lead to other problems like blood clots in the legs, brain, heart and lungs, heart attack and immune system suppression.

Usually, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are used to fight the pain that is caused by cramps. Although medicines provide relief from the pain but their use for long time can result in gastrointestinal problems like bleeding and gastric ulcers. There can also be an increase in the chances of heart attack which is one of the main reasons for death in the US.


Chiropractic Treatments for Dysmenorrhea

In order to function in a proper manner, female sexual organs just like other organs of the body needs nerve supply from the spine. It so happens that many women who suffer from painful menstrual cycles have back pain or neck pain generally. Chiropractic adjustments help women in getting relief from these problems and the advantages are many.

Chiropractic helps makes sure that the connection between the spinal column and sexual organ is a proper one. This method of treatment has helped many women who were suffering from the problem of painful menstrual cycles. Vertebral subluxation is a condition in which the person has a misaligned spine and that interferes with the nervous system and results in reduced health. Chiropractors help in correcting these vertebral subluxations so that the pain is reduced and hence you get a permanent solution to your problem. It is a natural method of treatment and therefore does not have any kind of side effects.

Spinal realignment can also help in treating other conditions that are related to reproductive health. Women who go through various hormonal changes and conditions like menopause symptoms which include hot flashes, depression, headaches, irritability, back and joint pain and fatigue can get the advantage of chiropractic treatment. So, if you are suffering from painful menstrual cycles, then you should consult your chiropractor soon.


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