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Vaginal Infections (Vaginitis)

    Vaginal infections or Vaginitis is a condition that causes the inflammation and infection of the vagina. If the vulva and vagina are inflamed and infected, the condition is called Vulvovaginitis.       Symptoms of Vaginal Infection (Vaginitis) May Include: Itching around the vagina Burning during urination Irritation of the vaginal and vulvar Abnormal vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse   Possible Causes: Yeast      – Yeast or Candida infection Bacteria – Bacterial vaginosis from bacteria such as E. coli, Chlamydia trachomatis, etc. Viruses Parasite  –Trichomonas vaginalis Irritation from chemicals in contact with the area including creams, lotions, sprays, clothing, detergent, fabric softener Sexual Transmission of yeast, bacteria, viruses, parasites.   Diagnosing the cause of vaginitis can be difficult even for an experienced doctor, because more than one infection may be taking place at...

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