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The Father of Chiropractic

Daniel David Palmer established the modern practice of spinal manipulation in the 19th century. He is known as the Father of Chiropractic . Palmer was born on March 7, 1845 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, to Katherine McVay and Thomas Palmer. When he was twenty, Palmer moved with his family, to the United States where he worked as a beekeeper, farmer, school teacher, and grocery store owner. Palmer had interests in health philosophies and spiritualism.   Magnetic Healing, Palmer’s Precursor to Chiropractic In 1886, Palmer embarked on a healing practice, opening his first office in the South Putnam Building in Davenport, Iowa. He named the therapy “magnetic healing,” which is a cross between massage and meridian therapy based on the concepts of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Gaining knowledge from reading medical journals and worldwide developments in anatomy and physiology, he resolved inflammation...

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Subluxation & Langworthy

What is a Subluxation? A subluxation is a partial dislocation, a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems. Origin late 17th. century: from modern Latin subluxatio (n-) (sub – meaning position; luxate – meaning dislocate). -New Oxford American Dictionary   Subluxation, a Term Coined by Langworthy The word subluxation was first used by the chiropractor Solon M. Langworthy to describe the misalignment that narrowed the “spinal windows” (or intervertebral foramina) and interrupted the nerve energy. He is also known for referring to the brain as the “life force.”   Langworthy, a Pioneer of Chiropractic Along with BJ Palmer (son of DD Palmer, the Father of Chiropractic), Langworthy was one of the first graduates of the Palmer School of Chiropractic, the first chiropractic school. In 1903, Langworthy pioneered his own chiropractic school, and called it the American School of Chiropratic and Nature Care (ASC &...

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Developing Chiropractic

  BJ Palmer, Son to the Founder of Modern Chiropractic Bartlett Joshua Palmer, known to the world as BJ Palmer, was born to Daniel David Palmer and Louvenia Landers McGee Palmer on September 10, 1881 in What Cheer, Iowa. When DD Palmer created his theory that a partial dislocation of the vertebrae alter its nerve flow, thus causing 95% of all diseases,   he was reluctant to share his discovery with others, including his own son, BJ. When he finally decided to share his method, he opened a school in addition to his magnetic healing infirmary. (More information about DD Palmer, Father of Chiropractic)   BJ Palmer, A Dedicated Student BJ was one of his father’s first students. As a student, BJ was serious with his studies and responsibilities. He was the first to arrive at the infirmary and...

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